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Established in 2000, we are a licensed Ethiopian tour operator offering travelers a complete planning service for tours within Ethiopia and its neighboring countries. We undertake the logistical aspects of any travel plan in the northern, southern, eastern or western parts of Ethiopia. Our team consists of professional multilingual guides and project managers- who themselves are experienced tour guides.
  Over the past 7 years we have developed, planned and undertaken a broad and diverse range of thematic group and individual travel projects, numerous adventure tours, international TV projects, research expeditions as well as scientific and historical study trips both in Ethiopia and its neighboring countries.  
  We specialize in excursions, holiday/vacation tours and travel, business tours and travel, study/educational tours and travel, family holidays, packaged tours, cultural tourism, historical tourism, event management and group travel, all of which can include activities and services including mountain and desert trekking, bird watching, fishing, safaris of all types, mountain climbing, water rafting, car hire, wedding and honey moon arrangements, airport transfers and accommodation booking.  
  Our team of bilingual and multidisciplinary tour guides have worked in association with students’ organizations, a TV production crew, independent travelers and scientific study groups from many different countries around the world to explore, study and discover this great country of Ethiopia.  
  Ethio Renaissance Tours is staffed with experienced tour operators, guides, driver-guides and cooks, etc. Our drivers/tour guides have traveled widely throughout the country and beyond, and are well acquainted with all areas. We operate modern, well equipped 4x4 Land Cruisers and 4WD buses suitable for Ethiopia's climate and road conditions (terrain) and consequently our clients are unlikely to experience any discomfort during our tours both within Ethiopia and across her boundaries. Additionally, Ethio Renaissance Tour’s cooks are experienced professionals trained in certified colleges throughout the country. They are able to prepare delicious local and international meals.  
  We offer high quality services at outstanding prices because we do all the work ourselves. Our project manager develops your travel project, our guide leads your tour and you travel on our vehicles.  
Our main principals are:
The security of our clients is paramount.
The services provided must be in accordance with the client approved program.
Our guides, drivers, cooks and scouts must provide the highest quality service to their group or individual travelers (helpful, punctual, and informative).
Clients must be able to contact a project/ tour manager at all times and at no cost to themselves-whenever needed.
The promotion of minimal impact tourism, showing a high level of respect towards local environments, heritages and communities.
Collecting sharing critical and accurate information promoting the preservation of the heritages, culture, environment, and perfection and support of the local Communities (documentaries).
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