The semien National Park  
  Bale Mountains National Park  
  Awash National Park  
  Mago National Park  
  Omo National park  
  Gambela National Park  
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  Meskel in Addis  
  Meskel in Axum  
  Genna (Ethiopian Christmas) in Lalibela  
  Timiket (Ethiopian Epiphany)  
  Timiket in Axum  
  Timiket in Gondar  
  Timiket in Lalibela  
  Fasika-Festivals in Lalibela  
  Fasika-Festivals in Axum  
  Fasika-Celebration in Axum  
  Hidar Zion–Celebrate St.Mary  
  Hidar Zion  
  Gishen Mariam  
  Kulubi Gabriel  
  Sheikh Hussein  
  Great Ethiopian Run  
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Ethiorenaissance tours provides a range of services such as car rental, hotel reservation, preparing and planning comprehensive itineraries, running meticulously planned trips along the historical and geographical routes of Ethiopia and organizing safaris and rafting. The company organizes tours for individuals and groups depending on their interests and their financial resources. Our tour guides are professional and speak English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
  Ethiorenaissance tours offers package tours to international travelers without any limitation, and depending on the interests of the travelers the company gives tailor-made tours, pilgrimage tours, holiday getaways, adventure tours, rafting, trekking, backpacking, city excursions and so on. The ultimate program of all nature, culture, festivals, and eco program are offered. The company has Professional multilingual guides with a wide experience of the historic and geographic routes. Among the international languages our tour guides speak English, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish.  
Vehicle Rental:
On all tours Ethiorenaissance tours offers only excellent condition cars suitable to the rough roads of the countryside of Ethiopia. As such, our company has a variety of fully-maintained 4 wheel drive vehicles suited for the rough outdoors in any part of the country, as well as small cars of various makes (from the years 1989-2006) on a self- or chauffer-driven basis for city use, for weekend getaways and various occasions. The drivers assigned to each vehicle are professional, good mannered and friendly.
Terms of Conditions:
We are proud to assure of the highest quality level of our services. We cooperate with the most important and outstanding local and international airlines, hotels and other service providers. Why don't you come for your vacation to Ethiopia!
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